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little miss manipulator
Welcome to naomiclark, a community for all things AnnaLynne McCord and her awesome character on 90210: Naomi Clark. Please take your time to read the few rules below and you can go about posting as you please =)

1. Absolutely NO bashing of AnnaLynne and Naomi. This is a community for FANS of hers to gather, not haters. It is okay to critique, NOT blatantly put down. Please take your haterade elsewhere :)
2. This community is members only, all posts are locked. So when you post please don't make your entry public after you do. I want everything to stay closed.
3. Any spoilers, large pictures, icons more than 3, etc all should be under a cut. Spoilers should be labeled as so to not have anyone spoiled who does not want to be.
4. Please please please tag your posts accordingly. I will let this slide for awhile seeing as we are brand new and don't have many (if any) tags set in place. Once we get a fair amount of active posting members, I will start reinforcing this rule.
5. Get to posting, spread the Naomi/AnnaLynne love, and enjoy!
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